Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Tips & Tricks for Winter Skin

A few quick tips before heading into the weekend. Yes, the weekend :)

My winter skin is a struggle. Much drier and rougher, and my color feels so pale and dull compared to summer months.

I am on the hunt for easy, affordable ways to brighten my skin at home, so I have been trying out a few things behind the scenes.

Now this may seem crazy, but there are a few things in your own kitchen that are surprisingly great fixes for this time of year. Best of all, completely free (if you are already own them, which I assuming most people do).

So here you go:

1. Baking Soda: Not just for baking...anymore.  Baking soda + water = a perfect exfoliant. Take a small bowl and mix 3/4 baking soda with 1/4 water.  Use the mixture as a scrub 1-2 times per week, and I promise you will see a difference. This formula is no thrills: no great smell, no "miracle" promises, and no high price point.  But, it will get rid of skin flakes and leave you feeling squeaky clean.

2. Olive Oil: Yes, olive oil.  Its amazing.  I swear by it.  You will smell like dinner but your skin will thank you.  Olive oil is rich in natural nutrients and an ingredient found in many luxury beauty products.  A dab of this a few nights a week will cure dry patches and leave your skin softer and clearer in the morning.  Make sure you have completely washed your face before applying, and apply sparingly, but if dry skin is your issue, this may be your solution.

3. Toner (in a new way): If you use toner (I use the St. Ives Exfoliating pads from a previous post), try this--instead of toning POST shower, tone in the shower.  Immediately following turning off the shower, keep your toner in the shower and use it now.  The humidity in the air will help the product absorb faster into your pores.  Ultimately, the toner works faster, and leaves your skin refreshed and ready for lotion, makeup, etc.

Just a few tips and no real pictures tonight, because J needs the computer back (and cannot believe I am recommending you use olive oil on your face, but it really works, I swear).

Enjoy your Fridays!


  1. I tried the Baking Soda this weekend since my winter skin is flaking off my face :)

    1. I hope it worked for you! I am seriously addicted during the winter months :)