Monday, December 17, 2012


It has taken me a few days to gather my thoughts on what I wanted to write today. And I still really have no words.  The grief that has filled my heart from the Newtown tragedy is so painful, so raw, and so real.  And I am not even from there. I am not a parent. And I know no one involved.

I cannot imagine what these parents, children, neighbors, and friends who call Newtown home are experiencing. My wish this Christmas is that no one ever again has to experience a day like Friday, 12/14. Because these days are nightmares.  These days are not for good, normal people who just dropped their children off at school. These days are not for smiley 6 year olds and toothless 7 year olds. These days shouldn't be real.  But they are.

When I heard that the people of Newtown were taking down their Christmas decorations because the sight of them was too painful, my heart broke again. I stood in the shower on Saturday feeling so numb. Was it not enough to take innocent lives that you had to do it right before the holidays? For these families, these holidays no longer mean Christmas lights and decorating trees, they mean funerals, and explanations to siblings, and the never ending question of, "Why?".

If I could say one thing to the community of Newtown, it would be this.  Do not turn off your Christmas lights. Do not take down the tree.  Celebrate these little lives with the beauty that is Christmas.  These tiny faces are in a place far more beautiful than here. But if they do look down and see their town, let them see it filled with beauty, and not just pain. Do not let evil win. Fill your town with light & love and let the true meaning of Christmas, God's love for all of us, be known.

Lastly, my hope and prayer for all is that the horrific scene in Newtown does not cast more of a stigma on the mentally ill. President Obama has vowed that he will protect our children with every power that his office holds. Yes, we, as a country, need this help, but we also need help with those who are too sick to help themselves.  Please, there are parents, siblings, friends, and teachers across America who are struggling with those who are battling these diseases. Let us give these people the resources they need sooner than later.

With all of this being said, I have decided to postpone the blog until after the holidays. I just can't write about materialistic things right now.  It seems so trivial and silly. Take the next few weeks to spend time with your loved ones, to reflect on how you can better the world around you, and to just love. I will be back after the holidays with more tips & tricks than ever, so come back then, it won't disappoint. And to the town of Newtown, we love you.

Peace & love this holiday season,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Naughty or Nice? The Girlfriend

We all have girlfriends on our list of gifts to get this year. Boys, maybe this is the first time you are buying for your girl.  Girls, maybe you drew a hard-to-buy-for friend in your Secret Santa pool.  Either way, the list below is made to cover you (and make you look like the best gift giver that has crossed their paths yet).

Because the girlfriend is always tricky.  About time we had some help!

Kate Spade, you have done it again.  This small clutch is not only cute, its accurate, hilarious, and oh so  perfect for how I feel after any night of drinking.  If your girlfriend isn't a tequila fan, skip this one now and keep scrolling, but if you and your friends have made a few memories over margaritas, this could be the perfect gift. $78, found here: Tequila Is Not My Friend Clutch


I love these handmade scarves from the Etsy store Little minnow. They are so soft looking, and could easily dress an outfit up or down, depending on what you mix it with. And if your girlfriend lives in the Midwest, and is anything like me, she is always cold during the winter.  Scarves can really warm the heart, too, this time of year, $32, Little Minnow Scarves.

Since phones's go everywhere with us, they might as well go there in style. Even if your girlfriend stays away from prints and patterns, adding a little spice to her phone case never hurt anyone. And with options this cute from Tory Burch, its hard not to get print fever! $50, Tory Burch iPhone Cases 

C. Wonder has surprised me lately with its affordable and adorable take on fun patterns, quirky designs, and easily interchangeable wardrobe staples. These bracelets are no exception, and if your girlfriend is in to the "arm candy" trend, these are a stackable edition to any wrist. Each letter of the alphabet has a different color bangle, and I am all about the unexpected twist here (using her middle initial or your first initial as a different approach). $48 for one, C. Wonder Initial Cuffs


Every year since Sephora launched this genius idea, I have gifted it to someone on my list.  For $50, you  receive12 best selling perfumes (including Marc Jacobs DOT and Prada CANDY), and a gift voucher for her choice of a FULL SIZE bottle of her favorite perfume. Its practically 2 gifts in 1. Done. Over and over again: Sephora Fragrance Sampler

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Naughty or Nice? The Workaholic

You all know them.  They spend more hours at work than they spend at home, they are often great (not just good) at their jobs, and they never stop pushing themselves to be the best.  By the end of the year, the Workaholic is tired, so this is the perfect time to pamper them a little and show them that you respect how hard they work year round.

(And if you are the Workaholic, maybe take a few minutes or spend a few dollars to treat yourself, you've earned it.)

1.  The Jet Setting Workaholic:

I would personalize everything if I could, so why not add a touch of something personal to the Workaholic's luggage.  For $30, you get two personalized luggage tags (you design the style and choose the font) that are made from scrap metal and will last for years.  Adore these: Personalized Luggage Tags

2. The "I never have time for lunch" Workaholic:

Let them eat lunch.  At their desk and in style.  Compliments of Tory Burch and Nieman Marcus for Target, your cube mate can go from bland to bold with a quick swap of their lunch materials.  Beverage  container, $24.99, and lunchbox, $19.99, here: Tory Burch For Target

3. The Organized Chaos Workaholic:

This is my favorite gift in this section.  It is so simple and understated, but would help any workaholic with a little too much going on get it together. And regardless of your friend or coworker's taste, this calendar is chic enough to stand out on any desk (regardless of the clutter), $16.  Found here: Desk Calendar

4. The A+ Student Workaholic:

The take the best notes.  They have the best PowerPoints.  Excel problems? No problem. These are the workaholics who bring their A game even on slightly hungover Fridays. Which is why I love these notebooks for them.  You can customize with any quote, let them make a statement, and still keep them at the top of the Corporate Ladder.  Impressive ($15): Custom Quote Notebooks

5.  The Classic Workaholic:
By far the hardest of the bunch to buy for. You may even know very little about what they like to do outside of work, so it's best to stick with something they can use on a daily basis.  These Jonathan Adler paperweights are timeless. A variety of patterns will let you get slightly creative with this gift, while still speaking to the work professional. A win-win all around, $42: Jonathan Adler Paperweight

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Naughty or Nice? The Dog Lover

The Dog Lover: a breed of our own. We adore our pups like they are our own flesh and blood, and we treasure those who understand this affection.  Which is why you can forever be on your Dog Lover's nice list if you choose a gift that is more for their furry companions than it is for them.

I had always planned to include the Dog Lover on the Naughty or Nice List, but a recent incident made me bump this segment up.  My friend Mallory, and her lovely pup Minnie, had a scare this week and Minnie needed emergency surgery.  She is doing much better now, but a scare like this can really rock a person to the core.  Having a sick puppy is an emotional roller coaster. You cannot understand what they need, but you can see their physical pain and combined with your pain, the overwhelming sense of worry is difficult to handle.  Mallory is the best mom in the world to Minnie, and I love that I have a friend who understands how much we love our dogs.  If you have a dog, take a moment RIGHT NOW (or when you get home) to give them an extra hug or kiss (even if that means you come home to a pile of chewed up socks).


These custom dog beds come in HUNDREDS of patterns and prints, making your pup feel right at home in your home. No matter your style, preppy, vintage, urban, artsy, there is a print that will work for you. The beds come in multiple sizes and range in price depending on the final selected style (start at $35): visit the Etsy shop here for more information: Personalized Dog Beds


I am obsessed with this toy! The "mustache" is attached to a durable rubber ball that your pup will look hilarious playing with (get the camera ready).  It is a great combination when a dog's toy is equally as entertaining to their human. Cute and comical always works! $12.95, Humanga Stache Dog Toy


Hands down, the best treats ever.  The are made with 100% fruits and vegetables, smell delicious (flavors like Cranberry, Pumpkin & Banana, and Apple Mix), and are low in calories. Your dog will adore them and you will feel great about giving them a healthy snack to munch on. $5.95 and Fruitables are found here: Fruitable Pet Treats


How perfect are these? Affectionately calling them "Pup Art". Custom dog prints that can capture your Dog Lover's pup and their unique sense of style all in one shot. $55 for one print, find more information on their Etsy shop here: Custom Dog Prints


Tuffy toys are the most durable in the business. Ranging in shapes, characters, and sizes, they are built to last even the most destructive of dogs.  My Barley Bear is a chewer, to the extreme, and these are the only toys that survive a few days in our house. Every Dog Lover would appreciate one of these (ranging from $12-25): Tuffy Toys

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Have You Been Naughty or Nice? New Moms

I may have a slight case of...Royal Baby Fever. I have it. 100%. Self-diagnosed.

I have always adored Kate Middleton (she is a fabulous dresser and an even classier princess), and for the first time in my life, I have my own friends who are starting their families.  So the combination of the news of the Royal Baby and the Christmas needs for many people I know, the first up on the Naughty or Nice List is Expectant/New Moms.

Here are my picks to shower that newest mom in your life this holiday season, enjoy!


This gorgeous cuff bracelet is one of a kind.  The unique punctured holes correspond with the Zodiac signs, so you could choose either the mom or new baby (you can select up to two signs on each cuff). This is a completely innovative take on the traditional astrology jewelry, and makes a simple statement that is sure to make her a standout ($80).  Find more on this Etsy shop here: Astrology Cuff


This Serena and Lilly blanket (comes in three colors: blue, green, and pink), is perfect for swaddling baby and so cute that mom will want to pack it in every diaper bag. A thoughtful gift to keep mom and baby cozy this winter ($48), view the other color options here: Serena and Lilly Stroller Blanket


The Boden maternity collection is so easy and appealing that I could pick 10 recommendations for the mom-to-be. This Easy Tee is a no think, comfy option that comes in 6 versatile colors and can be easily dressed up or down. Plus the price point is very gift-worthy as well ($44)! For all of the options, click here: Boden Maternity Easy Tee


I am a huge fan of the stuffed animal.  Some people may find them silly, but I think they are a great childhood companion that can help create many memories.  My best friends know about Curly. And while it may be a little immature that I still love my baby bear as much as I do, its a sense of security that reminds me of being young again. I love this adorable bunny from Antropologie (they have an amazing selection of first time stuffed animals).  A thoughtful and sentimental gift ($48): Wool Bunny


A new mom has so much on her mind that little gifts that ease the stress are a perfect fix. These adorable thank you notes will help her show her gratitude for the new baby gifts without breaking your bank ($9.95).  There are several card options to fit your new mom's ideal style: Papyrus Thank You Cards

Don't see something that fits your new/expectant mom's style? Send me an email and I will start looking!

Happy shopping :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Spirit Fingers

Ever since I was little, I have loved decorating for Christmas.  The smell of Christmas makes me feel like a whole new person.  Pine, cinnamon, cranberry. Love.

And there is something so special about only having a tree and decorations out once a year. You appreciate every night that you come home to that beautiful, glowing tree. This time of year makes you thankful for cozy nights at home, watching Home Alone on repeat, and picking out the perfect gifts for loved ones.

Browsing through Instagram and Facebook lately, I have seen some amazing holiday decorations posted by my friends.  This has inspired me to use Seven & Seven to showcase some of this holiday spirit.  Like I said, it only happens ONCE a year, so lets enjoy every moment!

For the month of December, I will be featuring your holiday cheer on the blog.  There is no prize or giveaway for participating, I am just hoping that it helps each of us get in the holiday spirit and come away with a little creative inspiration.

If you have a beautiful tree, your outdoor lights are amazing, or maybe a DIY project that you would like to share, please email me at, or "@" on Instagram at @alirand.  And to start us off...

The Rands getting in the holiday spirit! The majority of our Christmas decorations are still in Cincinnati (fail), so I will be posting more pictures soon!

Roo loves the mini tree

Ornaments still in Cincinnati, but the tree is up!

Starting to feel like Christmas

Starting tomorrow on the blog, I will be featuring gift ideas for the various people on your shopping lists. And if you have a certain someone that you are having trouble buying for, send me an email and I will help think of some gift worthy ideas!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Tips & Tricks for Winter Skin

A few quick tips before heading into the weekend. Yes, the weekend :)

My winter skin is a struggle. Much drier and rougher, and my color feels so pale and dull compared to summer months.

I am on the hunt for easy, affordable ways to brighten my skin at home, so I have been trying out a few things behind the scenes.

Now this may seem crazy, but there are a few things in your own kitchen that are surprisingly great fixes for this time of year. Best of all, completely free (if you are already own them, which I assuming most people do).

So here you go:

1. Baking Soda: Not just for baking...anymore.  Baking soda + water = a perfect exfoliant. Take a small bowl and mix 3/4 baking soda with 1/4 water.  Use the mixture as a scrub 1-2 times per week, and I promise you will see a difference. This formula is no thrills: no great smell, no "miracle" promises, and no high price point.  But, it will get rid of skin flakes and leave you feeling squeaky clean.

2. Olive Oil: Yes, olive oil.  Its amazing.  I swear by it.  You will smell like dinner but your skin will thank you.  Olive oil is rich in natural nutrients and an ingredient found in many luxury beauty products.  A dab of this a few nights a week will cure dry patches and leave your skin softer and clearer in the morning.  Make sure you have completely washed your face before applying, and apply sparingly, but if dry skin is your issue, this may be your solution.

3. Toner (in a new way): If you use toner (I use the St. Ives Exfoliating pads from a previous post), try this--instead of toning POST shower, tone in the shower.  Immediately following turning off the shower, keep your toner in the shower and use it now.  The humidity in the air will help the product absorb faster into your pores.  Ultimately, the toner works faster, and leaves your skin refreshed and ready for lotion, makeup, etc.

Just a few tips and no real pictures tonight, because J needs the computer back (and cannot believe I am recommending you use olive oil on your face, but it really works, I swear).

Enjoy your Fridays!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dog Days: Roo McGoo, the Super Pup

Roo is a super hero.  My super hero. And today, he is Barley's, too.

This morning Roo did what he does best.  My Roo is a very special dog.  He is the most loyal animal of all time.  He would much rather be by our sides then out exploring.  He hates the dark (won't even step off the deck at night), and he is protective of what he loves.  He isn't perfect, nobody (or animal) is, but he comes damn close.

So this morning before I left for work, I let Roo and Barley out in the back yard, which is completely fenced in, to run around before I left. Not even 15 seconds later I heard an extreme, high pitched yelp coming from the back.  The bark was so distressed that I immediately knew something was wrong and my stomach sank as I rushed to the back door.

When I opened the door I saw Roo still yelping on the deck and looking towards the fence that connects the back yard to the street. Somehow the fence was open and Barley was gone.

I started screaming Barley's name, as Roo continued to bark, and the two of us ran to the front yard where Barley was doing her slinky walk (her low walk/crawl she does when she knows she has done something wrong). But she was completely fine and close to home, and thanks to Roo, had not had the time to go exploring our new neighborhood (or worse).

I often forget that Barley is still a baby.  She is not even two and can often be the complete opposite of Roo: LOVES adventures, enjoys her freedom, and always wants to see things for herself. This is where they balance each other out.  Almost like a relationship. And today Roo knew immediately when his sister needed him, and was smart enough to know that he needed me to find her.

These two never stop surprising me. And I am so glad they have each other.

Much puppy love <3.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Drugstore Recap: November

Its up!

A bit of a slower week on 7 & 7 due to the holiday and starting my new job yesterday.  But the Drugstore Recap is back and I think this month is looking pretty beautiful.

I don't think its just me when I say this, but drugstore products are stepping up their game.  They are getting better, more innovative, and more competitive to luxury beauty items without raising their costs. I am impressed. I have seen better lipsticks, hair care products and more natural wear foundations in recent months, and I hope this trend continues! It doesn't feel quite as guilty when you buy when it comes for a fraction of the price.

Here are my picks for this month (all photos taken from my iPhone so I apologize for the lack of image quality this week)

Physician's Formula Happy Formula Glow & Mood Boosting Blush:

I found this blush a few weeks ago and am very impressed.  The color is a pale pink/tan (I have the Natural shade), and the color is just that, natural.  This is the perfect blush if you are looking for a little pick me up early morning or mid day (will also help matte out oily skin), and does not leave you looking streaky or overly made up. This is also a great blush for layering as it is light enough to apply throughout the day without worrying about build up. I have no idea what the name is about, don't expect to have this blush suddenly make you love Mondays as much as you love Fridays, but at least you will feel good! Here is the Ulta link for more details on the product, but to date this is the best drugstore blush I have found: Physician's Formula Blush

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick:

I found this little gem at Target last week.  Since this is a new product, I am not sure how many other retailers are currently carrying it. The claim for this lipstick is that it lasts 16 hours and has more of a matte finish.  This little product does have some staying power (I would say about 4+ hours in between applications), and goes on very smooth and silky, drying to a pretty stain that can be touched up throughout the day. The color selection is spot on.  Very natural and perfect for winter (more berry toned hues).  The color I purchased is Supermodel, and its a pretty wine colored shade that helps me not feel as pale this time of year (pinks and nudes do nothing but wash me out right now).

Here is a picture wearing it:

Any my friend Taylor is obviously gorgeous
One thing to note, as I find with most Revlon products, the lipstick can be drying (especially if your lips tend to be on the drier side).  I would layer a balm or gloss over the lipstick to avoid any drying proactively.  Otherwise, I am really loving it. Here is the link for more product knowledge on Target's website: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede

Pantene Expert Collection AgeDefy Advanced Hair Thickening Treatment:

I have been using this product for 3 weeks now (I was lucky enough to snatch it early while still in Cincinnati).  This is a brand new product from P&G that is not available at all retailers yet (it is on, and I will include product information at the end of the post). AgeDefy promises to thicken your hair, and at a rapid rate, improving overall hair health and quality.  Now I know that I do not necessarily have "aging" hair, but I was curious to see how this product worked after hearing early rave reviews.  I have ALOT of thin hair (an oxymoron for sure), that is damaged from years of highlighting and straightening.

My results after using regularly? My hair does not seem overly thicker, but it does seem healthier.  This product can almost double as a style extender.  It keeps my hair looking better between washes, holds style better (ie. curling it), and makes it much smoother and more manageable on a daily basis. It has become a regular in the morning routine (you can use it on wet or dry hair), and I am eager to see if the results hold. Less frizzy hair is always okay with me. For more details, click here: AgeDefy Thickening Treatment

It has been a good month for Drugstore shopping and a busy month for me! As always, thank you for reading and for your feedback--I love hearing from you!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Naked Palette Giveaway

And the winner is...

Lauren Elder! 

Congrats Lauren and please send me which Naked Palette you would like as well as your address to my email,!

Thank you to all of you who participated in this giveaway, the winner is always selected randomly and I will continue to do giveaways frequently. I appreciate your love, support, and readership, and I hope you all had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jump On It

I have a deep love for jumpers, jumpsuits, rompers.  I don't know why.  Maybe because they are so easy to wear, you literally have to think about putting on one thing versus three or four. Or maybe it is because they can be so versatile, carry you through the seasons, and can go from casual to elegant in a flash. I just love them.

Now I know that not everyone feels this way about jumpsuits.  It could be a free of screaming "I LOVE THE 80's", or maybe you just don't know the best way to style one without being reminded of a 5 year old. I get it.  One piece outfits are not the easiest to put together until you are comfortable with the idea of wearing one. Hopefully this post helps ease the comfort level a bit.

The below jacket is, wait for it....

Labworks for Target (again because its amazing!).  It very much resembles last years Rag & Bone jacket that many a celeb was wearing:

Case in point- Emma Stone (major girl crush)

Anyways for a fraction of the cost, this versatile sweater/jacket is worth every penny.  It would look adorable with jeans and flats, or black skinny pants and heels for a night out. Style with a dress or tailored skirt for an office appropriate look.  The possibilities are endless.

I paired the jacket with a jumpsuit because I wanted the contrast of the flowy pants with the fitted, cropped top. I also struggle the most in my wardrobe with "going out looks".  Having been in Corporate America since graduation, I often tend to buy work appropriate clothes or more casual wear. For me, this looks is perfect for going out.  Easy, classic with the black and white, but still different and unique.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The 7's: In Decorating

I never really gave a Seven & Seven view of our old apartment in Cincinnati (which I really did love). The building was a National Historic Landmark, and while it needed an upgrade in some places, I always loved its charm. So now that we are in our first house (still renting, but it feels like an upgrade!), I wanted to take a post to talk about my love for decorating and show you some pictures of how things are coming.

For this move, I am very happy to say that the only money we spent on the house was new paint in a few rooms.  Other than that, we did not buy a single thing!  It is amazing to see what a little paint and rearranging of your furniture can do. My mom gave me advice a few apartments back when she said "Never buy for this apartment now, buy for the house you want one day".  And this is so true.  Instead of spending money on pieces or items that may only work for your current home, either save your money and wait, or buy items that can easily transfer from home to home, style to style.  I know that Justin and I have moved more than the average people our age, but its still a great moto to shop by when decorating at a young age.

Along with some pictures, I wanted to give you my 7 Rules of Decorating.  I know that not everyone has my style, but hopefully you can translate some of these tips into your own and recreate for your current living space.

  1. Your home should be a reflection of yourself.  If you look around, and you don't see YOU, change it. What is missing that is unique to you as an individual? Showcase it.
  2. Everything has its place.  If you can't find a "home" for something, it probably means you don't really use it that much. Cleaning out and donating old items to charity is a great way to start fresh.
  3. Decorate with staple items.  For me, this means books, picture frames, vases, and even coasters. Stack books together to give height to an arrangement, and use items that sit out every day (like coasters) to say something creative about your style. 
  4. Always have fresh flowers.  I have discovered that the cheaper the flowers at your grocery store (mums, daisies, etc.), the longer they last.  Cut the stems at an angle and fill the vase will luke warm water.  Add a little sugar or flower food to keep them alive days longer.
  5. Master the 10 minute clean.  Know what you can clean in 10 minutes and what you need to "pick up" to keep your space looking tidy and organized. 
  6. Do not be afraid to mix patterns and prints. If you can't take a risk in your own home, where can you take it? Everything doesn't have to match to look great together. 
  7. Highlight what you love.  A framed photo from your wedding, a hand me down piece from your grandmother, whatever it is that is special to you, keep it out and let it tell its story.
A huge thanks to my mom for all of her decorating help this past weekend! She can really work wonders on a room, thank you!! :)

Dining Room with Mix Matched Chairs & Benches

Guest Bedroom--Full of Stripes! 
Living Room

Old Window Frames Backed with Fabric & Wallpaper--easy DIY

Orange & Grey Mix with Fun Zebra pillows

Nautical Inspired Shower Curtain

Office Desk with New Grey Paint 

Monday, November 19, 2012

24 Shades of Anything But Grey

For the month of November, I am reviewing my go to palettes, Urban Decay's Naked 1 & Naked 2. I honestly do not use any other eye shadow products other than these palettes because they are that good. No matter your skin tone, eye color, etc, there are 12 shades per palette that give you plenty of room to mix and match, try and re-try. And, they last, forever.  You can see below that my palettes are looking a little worn because I have been using them every day.  With a little primer & mascara, these 2 palettes can create a wide range of looks to dress your makeup up or keep it simple & pretty.

And a reader treat.  To help you feel glam & gorgeous for the holiday season I am giving away 1 Naked palette to one of you. Or, this could be a great holiday gift for someone you think deserves a little pampering!

To enter the Urban Decay Naked Palette Giveaway:
1. Please send me an email to with your full name and which palette (either Naked 1 or Naked 2) you would like to win.
2. The giveaway will close at 5 pm EST on Thursday, 11/22 (Thanksgiving).  A winner will be selected at random and announced on Seven & Seven on Friday, 11/23.

Now for the difference in palettes:

Naked 1: 
The original Naked palette contains more earth tone based shades.  The colors blend well and work nicely together, and all shades are neutral enough to wear to during the day. This palette contains some of the staple Urban Decay colors, such as Half Baked (a pretty tan), Darkhorse (a darker copper), and Toasted (a burnt pink). My personal favorites are Vigin & Sin (the two lightest shades in the palette), as they are versatile enough to wear alone or to be layered over darker shadow for a more toned down appearance.

Naked 2: 
This palette has always felt a bit more fun to me.  The shades are built off more pinks and creams, and a few of the darker shades are more suitable for a night out than a day in a cubicle. Half Baked still makes an appearance in this palette, and some of the newer introductions, Verve (a shimmery silver), Foxy (the perfect beige/cream), and Blackout (also doubles as a fantastic liner), are beautiful additions that help add a dynamic edge to any look. Naked 2 is my personal favorite, but the choice is yours!

Both palettes retail at Ulta and Sephora.
Also, to avoid missing any future giveaways or updates from Seven & Seven, be sure to sign up for email alerts on the homepage of

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back in Action

The title of this post means so many things.  Seven & Seven is back in action, the camo pants are back in action (I felt you all needed another shot at being convinced that camo is cool), and our lives are starting to feel back in action, too. Goodbye Off Week of Moving & Stressing, and hello Thanksgiving!

I, like most of us, love to re-wear and need to re-wear clothes.  So while you have already seen the camo pants paired with a bright color, I wanted to tone it down a bit with a more neutral look. I love a chunky knit for fall/winter paired with a fitted pant to contrast the bulky-ness. This sweater will become a staple in my wardrobe because I am obsessed with the fun turtle neck, the elbow patches, and the classic cut. You will see it again!

Also, since age of 3 when I first sprouted hair (yes, 3, I was a late bloomer ha), I have had a special place in my heart for headbands. Headbands are my personal cure for 2nd day hair. A little dry shampoo + a headband = things look much better. So welcome to the blog headbands, I know you, too, will be back soon.

New pictures shot in our MICHIGAN backyard!

Pants: GAP, Sweater: ASOS, Boots: Mango, Lipstick:  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Matte in Wine Not (010)

Similar Sweaters found here:
Forever 21 (amazing price point)
Piperlime (short sleeve alternative)