Monday, December 17, 2012


It has taken me a few days to gather my thoughts on what I wanted to write today. And I still really have no words.  The grief that has filled my heart from the Newtown tragedy is so painful, so raw, and so real.  And I am not even from there. I am not a parent. And I know no one involved.

I cannot imagine what these parents, children, neighbors, and friends who call Newtown home are experiencing. My wish this Christmas is that no one ever again has to experience a day like Friday, 12/14. Because these days are nightmares.  These days are not for good, normal people who just dropped their children off at school. These days are not for smiley 6 year olds and toothless 7 year olds. These days shouldn't be real.  But they are.

When I heard that the people of Newtown were taking down their Christmas decorations because the sight of them was too painful, my heart broke again. I stood in the shower on Saturday feeling so numb. Was it not enough to take innocent lives that you had to do it right before the holidays? For these families, these holidays no longer mean Christmas lights and decorating trees, they mean funerals, and explanations to siblings, and the never ending question of, "Why?".

If I could say one thing to the community of Newtown, it would be this.  Do not turn off your Christmas lights. Do not take down the tree.  Celebrate these little lives with the beauty that is Christmas.  These tiny faces are in a place far more beautiful than here. But if they do look down and see their town, let them see it filled with beauty, and not just pain. Do not let evil win. Fill your town with light & love and let the true meaning of Christmas, God's love for all of us, be known.

Lastly, my hope and prayer for all is that the horrific scene in Newtown does not cast more of a stigma on the mentally ill. President Obama has vowed that he will protect our children with every power that his office holds. Yes, we, as a country, need this help, but we also need help with those who are too sick to help themselves.  Please, there are parents, siblings, friends, and teachers across America who are struggling with those who are battling these diseases. Let us give these people the resources they need sooner than later.

With all of this being said, I have decided to postpone the blog until after the holidays. I just can't write about materialistic things right now.  It seems so trivial and silly. Take the next few weeks to spend time with your loved ones, to reflect on how you can better the world around you, and to just love. I will be back after the holidays with more tips & tricks than ever, so come back then, it won't disappoint. And to the town of Newtown, we love you.

Peace & love this holiday season,

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