Thursday, December 6, 2012

Naughty or Nice? The Dog Lover

The Dog Lover: a breed of our own. We adore our pups like they are our own flesh and blood, and we treasure those who understand this affection.  Which is why you can forever be on your Dog Lover's nice list if you choose a gift that is more for their furry companions than it is for them.

I had always planned to include the Dog Lover on the Naughty or Nice List, but a recent incident made me bump this segment up.  My friend Mallory, and her lovely pup Minnie, had a scare this week and Minnie needed emergency surgery.  She is doing much better now, but a scare like this can really rock a person to the core.  Having a sick puppy is an emotional roller coaster. You cannot understand what they need, but you can see their physical pain and combined with your pain, the overwhelming sense of worry is difficult to handle.  Mallory is the best mom in the world to Minnie, and I love that I have a friend who understands how much we love our dogs.  If you have a dog, take a moment RIGHT NOW (or when you get home) to give them an extra hug or kiss (even if that means you come home to a pile of chewed up socks).


These custom dog beds come in HUNDREDS of patterns and prints, making your pup feel right at home in your home. No matter your style, preppy, vintage, urban, artsy, there is a print that will work for you. The beds come in multiple sizes and range in price depending on the final selected style (start at $35): visit the Etsy shop here for more information: Personalized Dog Beds


I am obsessed with this toy! The "mustache" is attached to a durable rubber ball that your pup will look hilarious playing with (get the camera ready).  It is a great combination when a dog's toy is equally as entertaining to their human. Cute and comical always works! $12.95, Humanga Stache Dog Toy


Hands down, the best treats ever.  The are made with 100% fruits and vegetables, smell delicious (flavors like Cranberry, Pumpkin & Banana, and Apple Mix), and are low in calories. Your dog will adore them and you will feel great about giving them a healthy snack to munch on. $5.95 and Fruitables are found here: Fruitable Pet Treats


How perfect are these? Affectionately calling them "Pup Art". Custom dog prints that can capture your Dog Lover's pup and their unique sense of style all in one shot. $55 for one print, find more information on their Etsy shop here: Custom Dog Prints


Tuffy toys are the most durable in the business. Ranging in shapes, characters, and sizes, they are built to last even the most destructive of dogs.  My Barley Bear is a chewer, to the extreme, and these are the only toys that survive a few days in our house. Every Dog Lover would appreciate one of these (ranging from $12-25): Tuffy Toys

Happy shopping!

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