Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Naughty or Nice? The Workaholic

You all know them.  They spend more hours at work than they spend at home, they are often great (not just good) at their jobs, and they never stop pushing themselves to be the best.  By the end of the year, the Workaholic is tired, so this is the perfect time to pamper them a little and show them that you respect how hard they work year round.

(And if you are the Workaholic, maybe take a few minutes or spend a few dollars to treat yourself, you've earned it.)

1.  The Jet Setting Workaholic:

I would personalize everything if I could, so why not add a touch of something personal to the Workaholic's luggage.  For $30, you get two personalized luggage tags (you design the style and choose the font) that are made from scrap metal and will last for years.  Adore these: Personalized Luggage Tags

2. The "I never have time for lunch" Workaholic:

Let them eat lunch.  At their desk and in style.  Compliments of Tory Burch and Nieman Marcus for Target, your cube mate can go from bland to bold with a quick swap of their lunch materials.  Beverage  container, $24.99, and lunchbox, $19.99, here: Tory Burch For Target

3. The Organized Chaos Workaholic:

This is my favorite gift in this section.  It is so simple and understated, but would help any workaholic with a little too much going on get it together. And regardless of your friend or coworker's taste, this calendar is chic enough to stand out on any desk (regardless of the clutter), $16.  Found here: Desk Calendar

4. The A+ Student Workaholic:

The take the best notes.  They have the best PowerPoints.  Excel problems? No problem. These are the workaholics who bring their A game even on slightly hungover Fridays. Which is why I love these notebooks for them.  You can customize with any quote, let them make a statement, and still keep them at the top of the Corporate Ladder.  Impressive ($15): Custom Quote Notebooks

5.  The Classic Workaholic:
By far the hardest of the bunch to buy for. You may even know very little about what they like to do outside of work, so it's best to stick with something they can use on a daily basis.  These Jonathan Adler paperweights are timeless. A variety of patterns will let you get slightly creative with this gift, while still speaking to the work professional. A win-win all around, $42: Jonathan Adler Paperweight

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